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Airborne Magnetics


Magnetic Anomaly Detection system on P3C ORION
Airborne Magnetics
Bartington Instruments sensors have been used in airborne magnetometers systems for magnetic field measurements from both manned and unmanned platforms. Products such as the Mag-03MSL are commonly used as the vector sensor to monitor the change of magnetic signature associated with the aircraft as it changes pitch, roll or heading.
With the increased use of unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs), there has been a drive to reduce the number of onboard sensors to the vector magnetometer only. As above the Mag-03MSL is an option. The digital Mag658 is another solution, designed for ease of integration into customers' own systems.
The compasses which are used for aircraft navigation require regular checks which are done during compass swings. Suitable compass pads (where the compass swing takes place) can be checked for magnetic anomalies using two Mag-01H DI magnetic declination/inclination systems.