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Data Acquisition & Conditioning Units

We offer a range of units to operate most of our single and three-axis fluxgate magnetic field sensors, from power supplies to complete data acquisition units. The range includes:
PSU1 A battery powered portable unit providing power supply for a three-axis magnetic field sensor and AC filtering of the sensor's X, Y & Z outputs.

Magmeter-2 This is a PSU1 with the addition of three displays providing readings of the magnetic field component values, with a maximum resolution of 10nT. Useful for quick measurements of magnetic fields.

DecaPSU This is a mains powered, rack-mounted digitally controlled power supply and conditioning unit for up to 10 three-axis magnetic field sensors. It features anti-aliasing filters to ensure data quality. Typically used in applications such as laboratory-based magnetic ranges.

SCU1 This is a mains powered power supply, display and analogue data conditioning unit designed for use in the laboratory to control a single three-axis sensor for highly accurate magnetic field measurements. Conditioning functions include high and low-pass filtering, and selectable gain and offset control for each axis.

Spectramag-6 A portable 6-channel data acquisition unit that simultaneously inputs, digitises and analyses data from magnetic sensors, accelerometers and acoustic sensors. It can collect and display data in both time and frequency domains, has selectable AC or DC coupling, with low pass and FFT options. Can be used for portable signature measurement of small items such as diving equipment or spacecraft components.

Mag-03DAM Battery-powered unit for processing of DC and low frequency signals from one or two magnetic field sensors.

DAS1 This is a multi-sensor data acquisition, processing and display system, based on a PXI chassis with PC and A-D conversion modules. It can take input from up to 16 Decaports and thereby control up to 160 three-axis magnetic sensors. LabVIEW-based acquisition software is included. It is suitable for applications requiring a large number of sensors, for example magnetic ranging signature measurement.