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Grad-03 Three-Axis Gradiometer

Grad-03M Marine Three-Axis Fluxgate GradiometerGrad-03 magnetic field gradiometerROV


This instrument contains two closely spaced three-axis fluxgate elements (300/500/750/1000mm baseline options) on a stable support beam, with versions for land (L) or marine (M) use. The unit operates from a ±12V power supply and provides analogue outputs representing the field in each of the six fluxgate elements together with temperature. A bipolar signal input is provided which injects a test signal into each individual channel.

The Grad-03 has a dynamic range of ±100μT and a bandwidth of 2kHz. It will operate in high gradients where there are larger magnetic anomalies. The three-axis gradiometer configuration provides detailed spatial information, with the three independent gradiometers allowing easy identification of the anomaly.

The Grad-03M marine version, which can be mounted on ROV's, is housed within a carbon fibre pressure enclosure, and operates to a depth of 5000m.

The Grad-03ACU Analogue Correction Unit displays the corrected gradient in three-axis with a resolution to 1nT. Correction for orthogonality, scaling and offset is done using potentiometers, and provide high accuracy readings. The corrected gradient are also available on the analogue output of the unit.

Typical applications:

• Geotechnical surveys (sheet piling depth detection)

• UXO detection

• Pipe and cable location


• Operates from a ±12V unregulated power supply

• Frequency response of DC to 2kHz

• Analogue correction unit available

• Land and Marine (submersible to 5000m) versions available

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