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Helmholtz Coil Control System

CU1 Helmholtz Coil Control UnitPA1 Power AmplifierCU2 Closed-Loop Module


These units are for use with Bartington Instruments' Helmholtz Coils (HC1, HC2, HC9 and HC16) and are also compatible with the Ferronato™ Coils. It includes the PA1 Power Amplifier, CU1 Control Unit and CU2 Closed-Loop Module.

Whilst the PA1 provides the necessary power to the coils, the CU1, connected to a suitable National Instruments™ acquisition card, makes the interface between the PA1 and a control PC. When using CU2, active compensation of external DC and AC field is provided improving both the stability of the field inside the coils, and facilitating the system setup.

A LabView™-based control software is also supplied to provide a turnkey Helmholtz Coil System.

Typical applications:

• Calibration of three-axis magnetic field sensors.

• Creation of a known magnetic environment.


• Closed-Loop compensation using CU2.

• Orthogonality correction using PA1.

• Control software available.

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